Hello World

May 18, 2011

Finally setup a blog. I’ve always wanted to ramble nonsensically on my very own blog but never found the time to roll one out. Most people run the Wordpress route (or Tumblr these days), but I never really dug into Wordpress. It always seem bloated to me and I just wanted something simpler (and editable in vim). In comes Jekyll!

Jekyll is a blog aware static site generator. Paired with github pages, I was set. Github pages has the nice fact that it already supports jekyll site generation on a (specially named) repo push.

The only caveat to using Github Pages is that you can’t really run plugins like haml and sass converters. Jekyll is run with jekyll --safe which prevents haml and sass from running.

Still on the todo list:

  • Comments (disqus)
  • Search (tapir)
  • Prettify (I find this very difficult)
  • Get a Logo and Icon
  • Post something real

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